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Team of Partners

We are a group of laboratory directors, managers, operational directors and laboratory professionals who have dedicated our careers to improving the quality and operation of laboratory services. Recognizing the need to offer timely laboratory services in a more personalized environment, we have created Premier Laboratory Services. Through partnership, we enable employers, laboratories, professionals, and business owners to access critical information and resources they need quickly and accurately. 

The Foundation of a Solid Partnership

With over 20 years of experience in laboratory services, operation, clinical, management, method development, method validation, instrument selection, scientific development and recruitment, we have developed a more personalized approach to laboratory operation and services. Utilizing the most practical approaches, we are able to provide employers, laboratories, and business owners with critical information quickly and accurately. We offer reliability and service well beyond the scope of the laboratory environment. 

Our team members have extensive experience in laboratory start up, quality management, CLIA, COLA and CAP inspection, dealing with citation and regulatory issues, business development, testing personnel training, sale and marketing personnel training. 



Dr. Majid Moridani

  • Board Certified High Complexity Lab Director
  • 20 years of experience in laboratory space
  • Laboratory experience in small lab, medium size lab, very large commercial and hospital lab
  • Method development, method validation, scientific and technical expereince
  • Extensive experience with COLA, CLIA and CAP inspection and accreditation
  • Experience in Tox, Blood, Allergy, Hematology, PGx, RPP, and Women Health, Cancer
  • Quality Improvement Process

Nancy Bowman


Administrative Assistant

Paul Wong


Ali Samani



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